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Working with Carol Buehrens

Carol Buehrens works with your organization to provide the best, customized sessions for your needs. Carol has a wealth of skills and expertise to draw from and has been constructing extraordinary customer experiences for over 30 years for major companies such as Liberty Mutual, Northrop, McDonnell-Douglas, Bechtel, GE, Mercury Marine, and ICW Group Insurance Companies.

An Educator and Mentor

With a solid background in curriculum design, Carol works with several universities to provide Customer Experience educational programs.

Carol Buehrens teaches Customer Experience at Rutgers UniversityAs the Rutgers University Program Chair and Professor of the nation’s first graduate-level Customer Experience Certificate Program, Carol provides real-world curriculum and fosters the leadership qualities it takes to drive business success in today’s rapidly evolving, customer-driven global economy. The Customer Experience Certificate Program at Rutgers is offered in connection with the Masters of Business and Science Degree and the Professional Science Master’s Degree.

Open CX@Rutgers

Carol is also an Adjunct Professor at California State University Fullerton (CSUF), providing customer experience strategies and practical knowledge for the User Experience and Customer-Centered Design certification program.

At the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Carol teaches Customer Experience as part of the business and marketing certificate.

A Leading Expert in Customer Experience

A Founding Member and Expert Panel Member of the international Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA), Carol is also an active member of the San Diego Customer Experience Special Interest Group (CX SIG).

Carol’s passion for improving customer experience has resulted in numerous awards, including the prestigious “CX Innovation Award” from the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), ICW Group CEO Award, and the Liberty Mutual Star Award.

Customer experience leaders are recognized by people as better and different, while being more sustainable and profitable than most businesses. The expertise Carol shares helps businesses effectively begin the transition, from inside-out to outside-in, to become a customer experience leader.
Jeofrey Bean, Principal, Del Mar Research, Author of ‘The Customer Experience Revolutions’ and ‘Customer Experience Rules!’
Carol Buehrens works with your organizational to improve customer experiences

“Carol gets that it takes building a bond with customers to grow your business.”
Jeanne Bliss, President, CustomerBLISS
E*TRADE Financial provides Carol Buehrens an excellent testimonial“Businesses can no longer rely on simply building products – they must cultivate thoughtful and engaging experiences. Carol Buehrens deftly outlines a clear framework that, when followed, will transform ranting customers into raving fans.”
Rob Scruggs, Director, Customer Experience, E*TRADE Financial

Organizations, Recognitions & Awards

Carol Buehrens is a CXPA Founding Member and Customer Experience Expert    Carol Buehrens Liberty Mutual Star Award    Carol Buehrens CPXA Innovation Award    Carol Buehrens Top Global Guru Customer Service
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